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Cleveland Clinic Enables Patients To Access Lab Results And More On Their Phones

Cleveland Clinic, on Monday, made an announcement regarding the full access of personal health information using the feature ‘Health Records’, through their iPhones. In tandem with the MyChart application version of the clinic, officials said that patients can monitor their own health data, as well as manage appointments and check-ups. This will lead to the patients being in the complete know-how of their health data, through an easy-to-use interface, the officials said.

Peter Rasmussen, neurosurgeon and digital health medical director of the clinic, stated that such digital transformation is a necessity in today’s day and age, as well as it is leading to enhancing relationship with their patients. When used together, the applications will let patients continuously track their information regarding their health, as well as helping them in organizing health data obtained through other providers. The users can schedule appointments and meetings with their doctors, as well as avail medication renewal, along with messaging their providers. Cleveland Clinic’s CMO Amy Merlino said that users will be able to track critical health factors, as well as determine their overall personal trends. She added that they will also be able to share with providers their medical history. Cleveland Clinic has been championing innovation for a long time, with their prime objectives being patient relationship and engagement.

Meanwhile, Apple’s iOS app store celebrates its 10th anniversary on July 10. In view of this, App Annie, an application analytics firm has listed the top apps and games from 2010 till today. Top apps by download include Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and WhatsApp, while in terms of revenue, Netflix, Spotify and Pandora Radio come out on top. The mainly downloaded game during this period was Candy Crush Saga, which was followed by Subway Surfers as well as Fruit Ninja, while Clash of Clans was the King in terms of revenue. As of now, the app store has passed the mark of 170 billion downloads for over 2.2 million applications, earning a revenue of 130 billion USD.

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