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A California Company Develops A Breathalyzer To Detect Marijuana

Marijuana is now legalized in many states and the usage of it is also increasing day by day.  The D.C. and 9 states have made the recreational marijuana legal while the D.C. and the 30 states have made the use of medical marijuana legal. This has tensed the officials over the stoned drivers over the streets putting the lives of others in danger.

However, very less tools are available which can be used to detect people who are affected by the marijuana. However these tests can easily be tricked and one can easily escape those tests with the use of breath mints. As a result a couple of drivers who are under its influence escape away.

Hound Labs, which is a company in the California has developed a breathalyzer which is capable of detecting the marijuana. The breathalyzer has been developed using a technology which is ultra-sensitive. The machine is first of its kind which is very less expensive for using and at the same time it is impressively accurate with faster operating. It can detect alcohol as well as the marijuana in the breathe of the person. The device is like a box of plastic which contains a cartridge that is disposable.

Mike lynn who works as the CEO of the company gave a demonstration of the usage. The device looks like a mobile handset in its size with a straw protruding out from the one end. Indicator bars which show the level of THC in the persons breathe. THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol which is a content of marijuana. Once the person blows air in the device, the result comes in 4 mins. The detector can effectively detect marijuana usage after two hours. This time period of 2 hours is crucial and is the peak time for the impairment.

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