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A New Type Of Blood Test To Detect Heart Attack Much Earlier

A new type of Blood test is capable of helping out the doctors of emergency room to determine whether the patients who have pain in the chest are having heart attack or not much earlier than that of the traditional tests which are carried out by the doctors. This new type of blood test is more sensitive and advanced version of the earlier tests which the emergency physicians were using till now. The new test functions with the help of detection of ‘Troponin’—a kind of protein that is released in blood when the muscles of the heart are damaged by the Heart attack. The traditional tests which the doctors have been using till now can test the Troponin by consuming 3 hours, but the new version of the test is capable of giving out the results within an hour.

According to Dr. Rebecca Vigen who worked as the lead researcher in the study carried out, every year, lakhs of American people land into ER having various symptoms of the Heart Attack which includes the chest pain as well. But most of them have some other issue because of which the symptoms prevail. With this new test, the researchers hope that they will be able to sort out the actual heart attack patients much more quickly.

This new kind of Troponin test is available in the Europe along with some other regions from past few years but in the US, first such kind of test was approved in the past year. The team of Dr. Vigen compared the performance of the new blood test with the traditional test by performing them over 536 patient having symptoms of the heart attack. In the experiments they used both the tests but the new tests gave the results within a span of 30 mins.

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