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Mozilla Firefox By Default Will Soon Block Ad Tracking

Mozilla has declared some difficult moves to guarantee consumer privacy on its Firefox browser. In its recent blog, the firm claimed that over the coming few months it will be launching out specific major features that will enhance the web performance and also offer consumers more control over their info.

One of the most significant modifications will be the automatic protection opposite to ad tracing. In version 65 of Firefox, the firm aims to block storage access and strip cookies from 3rd-party tracking material.

Apart from this, future editions of Firefox will also slash down on harmful cryptomining practices and info gathering by websites. With version 65 of Firefox, the firm will also suspend by default the slow-loading trackers to assist enhance general web performance.

Speaking of Mozilla, often we have witnessed Microsoft, Mozilla, and Google persuading users to employ their Internet browsers since they are the quickest for any type of job. But how frequently does it occur that a firm claims that one of the most employed websites works quicker in the rival company’s browser. This occurred as Chris Peterson, a technical program manager at Mozilla, claimed that YouTube operates quicker on a different browser, which obviously is own Chrome browser of Google.

Peterson posted on Twitter to unveil this back in July 2018. He claimed that YouTube is 5 times quicker on Chrome in comparison to Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. And the reason behind this is Polymer redesign of YouTube.

“The page load of YouTube is 5 times slower in Edge and Firefox in comparison to Chrome because the Polymer redesign of YouTube depends on the deprecated Shadow DOM v0 API. This is only used in Chrome,” posted Peterson. On the other hand, he gave a link to an addon of Mozilla Firefox employing which users can restore faster pre-Polymer design of YouTube.

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