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NASA States ISS Cabin Pressure Holding Stable After Leak Fixed

Astronauts on board the ISS are secure after having sensed the origin of a leakage that leads to loss of cabin pressure, and repaired it, as disclosed by NASA. Three spaceships are ported at the ISS comprising the Progress 70 resupply ship along with the Soyuz MS-09 and MS-08 crew ships.

On August 29 night, the flight regulators noticed a small leakage on one of 2 Russian Soyuz spacecraft linked to the system, as the Expedition 56 squad slept. The leakage brought about a minute loss of cabin pressure, as wrote by Mark Garcia, NASA, in a blog post.

Flight controllers found there was no pressing threat to the squad overnight. Garcia said, “All through the day, the squad was never in any threat, and was informed no further action was pondered for the remaining day. The flight checkers will supervise the pressure trends all night.”

In an update, he mentioned, “All station systems are steady and the team is preparing to return to its usual work agenda.” After a morning of examinations, the team reported that the leakage was isolated to an opening around 2 mm in diameter in the upper section, or orbital compartment, of the Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft linked to the Rassvet unit of the Russian station segment.

Roscosmos’ Sergey Prokopyev, the Soyuz commander, utilized epoxy on a gauze wipe to seal the opening detected as the leak origin. Flight controllers in Moscow conducted a fractional increase of the atmosphere of the station utilizing oxygen supply of the ISS Progress 70 cargo ship. Flight controllers in Houston are carrying on monitoring the cabin pressure of the station in the wake of the mend, the blog post mentioned.

On the other hand, NASA is intending to begin its attempts to re-establish contact with the Mars rover Opportunity. The space agency, in a statement, stated it would start a 45-day operation of active attempts to reinstate contacts with Opportunity once the skies over the rover vacant to a satisfactory point.

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