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A 45-Day Mission Planned By NASA To Get Its Mars Rover Back

NASA is intending to begin its attempts to re-establish contact with the Mars rover Opportunity. The space agency, in a statement, stated it would start a 45-day operation of active attempts to reinstate contacts with Opportunity once the skies over the rover vacant to a satisfactory point, Xinhua reported.

Since early June, the probe has been out of touch, when a huge dust tempest ran down the rover of solar power. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter’s project scientist, Rich Zurek, said, “The dust cloud generated by the Martian dust tempest of 2018 is among the widest on record, however, all hints are it is, at last, coming to a shut.”

Opportunity project manager at the JPL, John Callas, in a statement, said that “supposing that we hear again from Opportunity, we’ll start the procedure of determining its status and getting it back online.” Nevertheless, the plan of NASA drew criticism as it restricted the active part of the revival to 45 days.

Mike Seibert, a previous rover driver and flight director for Opportunity said that JPL under NASA once tried “active listening” of Opportunity’s twin, Spirit, for a 10-month period in 2010 and 2011 when that probe discontinued transmitting prior to giving up. Further, Callas stated that if Opportunity didn’t reply to communications efforts after that 45-day operation, it probably doomed the probe had undergone a mission-ending malfunction.

In another report by NASA, astronauts on board the International Space Station are secure after having detected the source of a seep out that lead to loss of cabin pressure and repaired it. On August 29 night, the flight controllers noticed a small drip on one of 2 Russian Soyuz spacecraft linked to the complex, as the Expedition 56 squad slept. The leakage brought about a minute loss of cabin pressure, as wrote by the space agency in a blog post.

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