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Infosys Doubles Spending In TidalScale To $3 Million

Infosys, the IT company, this week claimed that it has increased its spending in TidalScale (the US-located software company). This is done by placing in an extra $1.5 Million (almost Rs 11 Crore) via the Infosys Innovation Fund. “Infosys has made an extra pumping of $1.5 Million in TidalScale Inc via the Infosys Innovation Fund. TidalScale is at the heart of the software-supported server revolution,” claimed the Indian software behemoth to the media in an interview.

The Bengaluru-located firm had earlier pumped in $1.5 Million in 2016 in TidalScale Inc.

TidalScale has designed software-supported servers that are self-optimizing, offer in-memory performance at any scale, are well-matched with all applications, employ standard hardware, and are suitable for all operating systems.

“We are happy to further reinforce our relation with TidalScale. Their software-defined ground-breaking server tech deals with a major challenge that most of the enterprises face,” claims executive vice president at Infosys, Deepak Padaki, to the media in an interview.

On a similar note, earlier this year, TidalScale declared the next generation of its award-winning software-defined server technology. Analysts have described this tech as the missing element of the software-defined data center. The new generation by TidalScale offers unprecedented scalability, performance, broad platform support, and manageability. Consequently, firms attain more valuable insights for business sooner, while lowering TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) by optimizing and unlocking the complete value of data hub resources.

“Preserving competitive benefit relies on the company’s capability to quickly gain and process insight from real-time data. But the rapid development of this data is outpacing the performance enhancements in server hardware. The launch of next-generation breakthrough software-defined server technology by TidalScale deals with these challenges and takes a huge step forward for a future where software-defined servers are the base of modern data hubs,” claimed the firm.

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