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Google Employees Protesting Against Development Of Chinese Censor-Based Search Engine

Google is planning to develop a censored search engine for China to provide services to the Internet users, even after receding from the country eight years back. The codename of the project is Dragonfly. Due to the lack of transparency and accountability regarding the project, 1,000 Google employees working on the Dragonfly project have already signed an open letter wanting the company to be transparent regarding the project and to form an ethical review process including rank-and-file employees. Seven employees, mostly software engineers, have already resigned from this project. Out of them is a senior research scientist, Jack Poulson who worked at Google since 2016. He got to know about the secret development of search engine which would follow Chinese government policies of surveillance and censorship.

In August, Google was pressurized by human rights groups to stop the development of app-based and censored search engine and asked Google to explain about protecting users from Chinese Government.

Jack has concluded that even after raise from 14 Association of Human Rights Group, Google has not discussed regarding the matter which affects the ethics.

A spokesperson from Google has reverted that they have been investing in China for many years for developing Android through various mobile apps. And also the work done yet for Dragonfly Project is not certain, it would need quite a long for launching an app-based search engine in China.

This is the second time in an year that Google employees have to protest through resignation. The first time was a company’s project named Maven, which was based on drone concept for the US Government to weaponize their Artificial Intelligence research.

Jack has mentioned in his resignation letter that it was not only about the concern about censorship, but it would lead to the accession of political activities, which is against the Human Rights.

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