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Using Latest Technology in Aircraft Designing to Benefit the Common Man

The aerospace engineering has been improving over the years by leaps and bounds, in terms of safety, speed and cost. The first jets that were flown in the 1950’s were in their initial stage and used about 80% more fuel than the ones flown today. With air traffic on the increase, the number of aircrafts will keep increasing every year. With global commerce on the increase, the movement of goods from one end of the globe to the other has also increased.

Fuel and Cost

Fuel that is used by these aircrafts is very costly. This has also increased the level of global emissions through these aircrafts. Scientists are always on the lookout for better means of fuel efficiency to improve economies and to improve the environment. The Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Laboratory has been one such University in Michigan that is taking drastic steps to develop better and efficient aircraft. They are concentrating on making transport more fuel efficient, with economic rates and with better impact on the environment. Well-designed wings of the aircraft will help to attain these targets. By creating better designs for these wings, the industrial needs will be met, say the engineers at this University.

Changes Desired

The airplanes found today comprise of 50% composite materials. The most important changes to be expected in airplanes are fiber materials, using complex curves and tow-steered designs on the composite wings, as said by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. The tow-steered composites of the future will help to reduce the weight of the aircraft and reduce the fuel burned up when compared to the current models. New materials along with morphing mechanisms are expected in these aircrafts.  The high aspect ratio wings will be having a larger span than those used currently. Supercomputers such as Stampede are very powerful and will bring great changes in the aircraft industry, using multidisciplinary design optimization. NASA provides many grants to support such research. Constructing efficient aircraft in the most economic manner is the experimentation made.

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