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Blockchain Inclusion Set to Trigger Off Financial Turnaround

Blockchain has been considered by organizations such as Humaniq as an effective technique to deliver financial inclusion to an above 2.5 million unbanked people around the world. In the meantime, ChainTrade is building a way to allow the participation of presently excluded traders in the food and raw materials market with the help of a decentralized commodities exchange. The realm of commodities derivatives has been said by ChainTrade CEO, Vincent Jacques, to be revolutionized with the implementation of blockchain while describing the technology.

Jason Cassidy, Blockchain TV host and president, the blockchain technology puts power back into the hands of unbanked or underbanked people after removing it from central financial authorities. In this regard, according to Cassidy, the legislation of a technology that circumvents borders with its very nature could be a challenge for both commercially and politically-focused bodies.

Blockchain Unbundles Closed Systems, Offers Diversification Benefits

WishFinance and other organizations falling in a similar category could enable the availability of more loans and unbundle the system which has starved the general population by withholding available resources for its selfish reasons. Even the activities of ChainTrade and other similar organizations have been deemed as a brave move to disrupt current systems. Controlling the markets from central points could be institutional investors and large banks which charge overstated fees and determine the rules that promote the exclusion of smaller investors to rake in all the profits and wipe out possible competition. However, blockchain has been identified as a weapon to cause disruption, thus loosening the grip of banks on the loans sector.

Kumar Gaurav, Auxesis Group chair, has explained how lenders could benefit from higher yields and greater diversification in their portfolio with the implementation of decentralized lending. Cashaa could be a good instance to talk about, Gaurav has identified. The companycould enable the decentralized participation of investors in the global economy as it implements peer-to-peer (P2P) blockchain.

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