15 Amazing Benefits of Yoga

As a regular yoga practitioner, you have already gone across the several health benefits of yoga. But what about newbies? Remember the time, when you started yoga? The fear, low confidence, many doubts, and queries, I got goosebumps Lol!

Well, if you are looking for someone to take your unsaid doubts and queries, then you have clicked on the perfect link. Let me clear the doubts I had at my start.

What is Yoga?

It is said an apple, half an hour of exercise and 8 hours sleep keeps you healthy and active for the whole day long. And ‘Yoga’ is one of the oldest forms of exercise ever known. At first, the form only was known by ‘India’ but later, it was introduced to the world, i.e, in 2014. Since June 21, 2015 ‘Yoga’ is celebrated as an International Day.

yoga benefits

Will Yoga benefits you for medical issues?

Well, the answer is ‘yes’. As Yoga pressurizes your every point and benefits you in many ways. And trust me, these benefits will be seen in your health reports.

I will be discussing with you 15 amazing benefits of Yoga.

Caution: Yoga is a form of exercise, don’t ignore your medicines unless your doctor tells you to do so.

1. Yoga Benefits You with Improved Flexibility

Its the first benefit that you will feel once you start with yoga. Let me explain it with my first session of Yoga – on the very first day even I wasn’t able to touch my toes, do a backbend. Even it has gone more hilarious with several mishaps because of my flexibility. Nevermind if you fall while performing any of your asanas. At first, it is common. Eventually, with practice and the time, your impossible asanas will go as smooth as a gymnast.

2. Benefits You with Muscle Strengthening

Strong muscles look good, isn’t? Do you know, these strong muscles saves us from conditions like arthritis, back pain, joint pains, etc. You must be thinking Muscle strengthening can be easier when you’re at the gym. Ok! The answer is yes, it could be easier there but it may cost you more than money. Yoga will strengthen your muscles with an extra benefit of flexibility.

3. Benefits You with Improved Posture

Imagine, a bowling ball- heavy, round and big, now imagine your head big round heavy stick to your neck and the spine. Jokes apart. This Yoga will help you to improve your body posture.

Try to move your neck right to left, left to right, up down then down and up, try it for 6 times a day, you can consider this yoga after every 2 hours. It will relax your neck muscles and will improve your shoulder posture.

4. Benefits You with Your Spine Health and Nervous System

If due to any problem if your spine loses its health, trust me, nothing can ever be painful as your spine problem could be. Practice plenty of backbends, forward bends, and twist to keep your spine smooth and healthy.

When your yoga gets advanced you can control your Nervous system too. It’s scientifically proven when you meditate your body temperature increases by 15 degrees. Don’t worry it won’t harm you instead it will help you in improving your Chakras. Mostly, good doctors recommend this when a woman is pregnant as it improves the quality of sleep, which helps the mother to get relaxed in a good way.

5. Benefits You with Improved Bone Health

Facing pains in your joints or have sensitive bones. Having sensitive bones may mean that your bones keep on breaking or overgrown or you might be losing nails even at small growth. Girls, I understand your pain. My sister keeps on crying because of this unwanted nail cutter. But yoga will benefit you with balancing the calcium in your bones. And surprisingly, it may benefit you in keeping your hair strong too.

6. Benefits You with Better Heart Health

In this hour, it is quite easy for your heart to get a disease. You must be thinking of the strokes. No, that’s just a part of your heart on heat or cooling down. Now, don’t think of a heart attack. This can be due to shock also. So, how can you judge your heart’s health?

It is easy to judge just feel the pump in you, check your bp, get your cholesterol checked. These are some of the early signs of bad heart health. Twisting poses, Headstand, Handstand, and Shoulderstand can help you in improving your blood flow and heart health.

7. Benefits You with Better Eyesight

Those Spectacles on your nose, ruins your party dress? Mine too, Lol! I understand the pain. I know how it feels to have a good pair of spectacles that even girls love but still had to pull them off for the pictures. Pinching your fingertips and meditating keeping your first finger on your eyebrows and other three fingers on the edge of your nose will relief your eyesight.

8. Benefits You with Improved Digestive System

If you suffer from gastric problems or constipation, try to fold your legs and sit on your toes. This will pressure your digestive system to open all the glands. As physical activities help to transport all the waste materials smoothly.

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9. Benefits You with Tension Relief in Your Limbs

Ever noticed rumpling your face into your desktop or mobile crashing on your face? But do you ever thought what could be the reason behind this unconscious move? It is quite amazing that it is because of your tired limbs which increases the stress in your body. Once you begin with Yoga practice on a daily basis you can notice where the tension lies- tongue, lips, eyes, face or the neck, shoulders, hands. Then, you can focus on releasing tension from that limb.

10. Benefits You with Metabolism And Weight Management

Metabolism plays an important role in weight management. More balanced your metabolism is more it will benefit your weight. Poor metabolism may lead to extra tiers on your waist or zero tiers on your waist but this time without the natural glow.

Lay down on your back, take your legs up and start cycling or keeping your legs straight try to make 5 circles clockwise and 5 circles anticlockwise from each leg. With this, you will either start losing weight or will step up to manage your weight.

11. Benefits You with Stimulation Of Blood Sugar Level

An increase or decrease in your blood sugar level is mobilized by Pancreas. When you start with yoga your diabetes might get stimulated in a better way. And kudos! your insulin levels get stimulated and benefit you in getting relieved from diabetes.

To stimulated blood sugar level via yoga just sit on your toes and make a punch from both of the hands, keep your thumb out and place it on naval. Now, try to touch the floor with your nose. I understand this won’t happen at once but will happen soon.

12. Benefits You with Mood Swings

When your benefit is fit your mood will always stay good. Studies have shown that yoga helps to get relieved in depression. As it leads to an increase in serotonin level and decrease in monoamine oxidase (an enzyme that breaks down neurotransmitters) and cortisol.

13. Benefits You with Gland Functionary

Each Gland has its own specific work to do, malfunctioning in any of the gland may lead to disease. Some glands even regulate your metabolism if they get malfunctioned may lead to some dangerous cause of symptoms and uncurable disease. Try to do sound yoga asanas for them.

14. Benefits You with Better Immune System

Yoga will definitely benefit your improvement in your immune system, as it will keep your body active and guards it against many diseases, viruses, bacteria.

15. Benefits You with Drug-Free Life

When your immune system is strong your lifestyle improves and trust me, one day doctor will ask you throw all of the medicines one day.


I know it’s hard to get convinced by these yoga benefits but trust yourself you can do it. Once you, start with yoga practice don’t stress yourself about these benefits at once. Practice yoga regularly but keep in there’s no time to do it but keep a difference of 2 hours you’ve food or snacks else they come out without any indication.

Caution: whenever you bend for any exercise breath in and while getting up breath out.

If you liked the article about the benefits of Yoga, don’t forget to tell us what did like and what I missed. Ask us anything if you still have any doubts we will feature in the next article.

Gaurav Dhiman
He has worked with the team of Google too in hosting some of their summits and bagged appreciations.

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