Best Ways To Watch Movies and Series Online

The days of watching TV shows with family members and neighbors are long gone. There was a struggle with cable connection and now the scope of TV has gone beyond it. Now we only need a PC or mobile to entertain ourselves with a great internet connection. Once we have these things we are set to watch anything we want. All our favorite shows are in the palm of our hand. We just need one click and we can watch whatever we like. There are plenty of movies and TV shows to watch from and these different platforms give a wide range of genres to choose from. Take a bowl of popcorn, a couch, and a good internet to sit back and chill. Here are some of the sites and places you can binge-watch your shows.

1. Netflix:

This is one of the best sites and one of the most popular sites where you get a plethora of options for movies as well as TV shows. They are very well categorized and there are shows and movies available in various languages. They also are frequently updated with different shows and movies. This platform allows you to download shows and watch them offline. Once we had one free online source, Couchtuner for watching movies/series. But due to some issues, the service was stopped.

2. Amazon Prime Video:

This is another great platform to watch movies, TV shows even comedy shows and so many stand-up shows are available. This place is very well curated and has a great layout where even South Indian movies with subtitles are available. It provides high quality, low data usage and also you have an option of buying/ renting movies. The great thing about this is that you can use this on various devices. The yearly subscription fee is also affordable and not quite as expensive as its competitors.

3. Hulu:

Hulu provides great quality content and provides a lot of options in a good viewing space. It also has a free space area where you can watch you can watch shows and movies for free. This part is a nostalgia part where you can watch old TV shows and watch out episodes that you have missed for free. For the latest movies and shows, you have to pay a certain amount like at other platforms.

4. Hotstar TV:

This place is a popular place for Hindi TV shows which is even aired on TV. This platform shows TV shows earlier than when they are telecasted on TV. This is a big advantage for all the Indian crowd who love to watch the episodes and can’t wait for them. They even have a variety of movies in various languages. Different plans are available to avail from like Hotstar premium, Hotstar VIP and various packs available. You have to pay a certain amount for a year and you can get unlimited access to shows, movies, etc. You even get live sports screening and new live feed. It is one of the most famous platforms to watch your shows on. Recently, Hotstar started gaining good popularity because of its worthy service.

5. TubiTv:

This place is a great site to watch movies online and without any hassle payment or subscription. Here, you just have to log in yourself and without giving credit card details or any payment you can start browsing and watching. It is 100% legal streaming and it gives a variety of options to watch from. It is quite simple you just need to log in and start watching. The movies are categorized well and also has recently added movies.

6. iTunes:

For Apple users, iTunes is one of the best places to watch movies and TV shows. The price of TV shows and movies is on par with other sites. iTunes always have good and new stuff flowing in and with that Apple, users can buy new movies and shows and can watch it anytime. They have great quality HD viewing.

7. Yahoo View:

This also has options ranging from TV shows, movies, anime, documentaries, comedy shows, anything, you name it, and it’s available. It has great directory features which help you find whatever show you want to. It is a great platform for any kind of show and also has a good layout with everything well placed and categorized.

Final Words

These are some of the best sites which are available on your PC and even your mobiles from where you can watch. This is the best thing that digitalization has got because you can watch anything anywhere. You should not worry if you have missed a film or two in the cinemas because these platforms are there to cover you up. So don’t worry, relax and have a great time binge-watching your favorite shows or movies.

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