ICC World Cup 2019
ICC World Cup 2019

ICC World Cup 2019- Schedule, History & Winner List

World Cup is the Biggest Cricket event same like that ICC World World Cup 2019 is the biggest event of the year. It is not because of just cricket but it is the wide popularity of cricket which made it big. ICC World Cup is the biggest cricket affair happening all around the world. Not like every world cup this time ICC World Cup 2019 is going to be a bit different. Many of you may be wondering how this year it is going to be different and why the changes have made.

A big thing that made it different this year is the participation of ten teams and each team have to compete with each other in the group stage or primary level of the world cup. The ICC world Cup 2019 includes five Asian teams, two teams from Oceania, One from Europe and One from South Africa including the dual time winner of the world cup that is West Indies. This time the ICC World Cup is going to be much more fun and exciting.

Why ICC World Cup 2019 is special?

This year the Cricket World cup goes to its birthplace yes, you got it right it is England. One of the best thing about this year world and a gift to every cricket fan. Even this place is got the most ideal and suitable climatic as well as geographical condition for cricket. You can check the World Cup schedule by following the link given.

Here I will regularly update you with all the important information regarding world cup 2019. The teams participating in the ICC World Cup 2019 are :

Presence of these ten national cricket team is going to make this world cup fast, Unpredictable and competitive. This is the first time when five teams from a single continent are playing that is Asia.

This made happen by Brilliant performance shown by Afghanistan in Asia Cup 2018. The performance strongly raised their bar and make them perfectly fit to play the world cup.

ICC World Cup History

Do you know who won the first world cup in 1975? It is the West Indies who managed to beat Australia by 17 runs. West Indies National Cricket Team grabbed the first world cup and become very first world cup champion of cricket. After that in 1979, the second world cup is played and the final was played between West Indies and England.

This year again the west indies won the world cup by defeating England and become the champion for the second time.

One of the really special honours of getting 2 world cups in a row that too the first ones. Moving forward to third world cup organised in 1983 the final was played between West Indies and India. But this time West Indies failed to create magic again and India holds the world cup this year. In the Year 1987, Australia defeated England by seven runs and holds the title.

Weird Fact – Pakistan’s National Cricket Team is never managed to beat India’s National Cricket Team in the World cup Till Now.

That doesn’t mean they are bad or not able to perform with the consistent approach they managed to win the World Cup in 1992. The next world cup that is in 1996 Sri Lanka get the title of world cricket champion.

Australia Proved its expertise in the game by displaying power-packed performance in the world cup. It is the only team who win world cup three times in a row that is 1999, 2003, 2007.

The thing to be noted is Australia defeated the top three Asian National cricket team to become the champion. In 1999 Australia Beaten Pakistan in the world cup final.

India has faced disappointment by losing the world cup final match and the title as well in 2003. In 2007 Australia took the revenge of 1996 by Srilanka and became the world champion for the third time in a row.

World Cup Winner List Year wise

  • 1975 World Cup Champion – West Indies.
  • 1979 World Cup Champion – West Indies.
  • 1983 World Cup Champion – India.
  • 1987 World Cup Champion – Australia.
  • 1992 World Cup Champion – Pakistan.
  • 1996 World Cup Champion – Sri Lanka.
  • 1999 World Cup Champion – Australia.
  • 2003 World Cup Winners – Australia.
  • 2007 World Cup Winners and World Champions – Australia.
  • 2011 World Champions – India.
  • 2015 World Cup Winner and World Champions – Australia.


So, enjoy the cricket’s greatest event on the earth witness the glory of the game. As the ICC World Cup 2019 is just not any other cricket event it is a feeling, an opportunity and much more. Fans like You and I always crave for this really exciting dose of cricket as the world is also associated with great performance, brilliant game plans, extraordinary team coordination and much more.

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