Things to eat and avoid during periods

Did you experience that moment when you are into something and unable to work properly for those crampy pains? Or seen your female friends being uncomfortable and irritated due to some pain for which you can’t talk about? All if you feel so then it might be due to her Menstrual cycle/Periods. You can help her with the right foods to be taken during periods.

Periods can be uncomfortable and can drain body energy. This might happen because of those painful backs, breasts, abdomens. Even studies have said, 84.1% of women feel this severe pain.

Diet can be one of the reasons that a woman gets into such a pain. If you want to help your friends/wife/girlfriends or you, yourself, get onto the right diet.

According to Nutritionists “In terms of fighting cramps and PMS, 80 per cent of it is nutrition. Stick to foods that are natural, low in sugar, fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy whole grains, and nuts and seeds.”

Dieticians recommend gym and regular exercises or yoga to keep the body active. Despite feeling bloated and laying on the bed, exercise can help your body heal during painful cramps or aches.

Periods pain

Best foods and drinks to help Cramps

Well, I don’t want you to get confused with tonnes of options available in the market. I will suggest you the food that I take during my crampy days. And trust me, they will work.

At first, understand why do the girls feel so painful. All the reason lies in their stomach and the blood. The quantity of blood flows decides how much pain a woman is gonna feel, lesser the bleed more is the pain, heavy bleeding means more discomfort. So have proper food during the hard days.


Parsley is high vitamin C and minerals, that can help you to relax your nerves and joints on crampy.

Dark Chocolate

Many times I’ve seen my boyfriends complaining me about my mood swings and irritation levels. And trust me, the solution is no way difficult, just grab a bar of chocolate with 70% of cocoa. According to scientists, chocolate releases the happy hormone to feel good and forget the pain.


A simple formula that my mom and my sister taught me. More Water you dring the more you urinate and throw your waste blood in direct flush.

It will be good if you drink lukewarm water rather the cold water.

Green Tea

Green Tea contains caffeine, it will be good if you can arrange decaffeinated packs. Still, green tea is a great option to soothe your pain.


Usually, people may tell you to avoid milk during periods. But it’s untrue, warm milk helps you to actually helps as milk is a good source of calcium.

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Foods that a woman should avoid during her period.

Avoid: Dairy

Try to avoid dairy products, they might be rich in calcium but the bacteria present in them can cause you cramps.

Avoid: Caffeine

Say No To Caffeine, the more coffee cups you drink the more higher levels of tension and anxiety you get.

Avoid: Too Much Sugar

Are you a sweet tooth person? Still say no to ‘Too Much Sugar.’ Sugar will make your period harder. Go for some dark chocolates if you crave.

Avoid: Alcohol

Period time is already hard, you may feel like being drunk but a big Noooo. Having alcohol may directly hit your liver or ovaries. And I hope you don’t want to harm yourself.

Avoid: Red Meat

Red Meat may cause stomach ache. No, it’s not harmful like alcohol but it might lead to heavy bleed.


Girls and Boys, trust me it is not at all difficult to handle your crampy days but it’s really important what you or girlfriend.

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