Just before the on record release of Sabo’s One 956 but it missed to blast as major spoilers are already out. As several pics of Japanese manga are widespread on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Reddit. 

It is believed that first of all these pics are found on @sandman_AP’s forum. After this incident fans went restless not just because of spoilers but due to a shocking news. One of a spoiler stated by Big News reveals that Sabo is dead. If you are thinking why people are taking it seriously?. It can be a fake news than you are unaware of fact that it is a major news publishing company owned by Morgans. The man Morgan is president of World Economy News Paper.

Sabo Spoiler Floating in Social Media

The spoilers on social media reveal what most of the fan theories expecting especially for X Drake’s goal. As there is a mass reveal but I will focus on the biggest spoiler of season. Also responsible for creating panic attacks among fans. 

In a Pic that was leaked on social media shows that: Morgans appeared to be eager to announce a piece of major news about ‘someone’s’ passing. Holding the nature of enthusiasm, we can accept that that somebody is a major character. Nonetheless, an administration specialist held him at gunfire guiding him to control the nature of original news.

Major Signs Confirm Its Sabo

Some of the major sign shows that our hero is killed which are as follows:

  • Dadan including mountain bandits can be seen in tears with pain and distress.
  • Revolutionary army along with officers and dragon saw as they get a shock. 
  • Koala crying heavily shown in a picture.
  • Doflamingo happy at the current situation.

My Opinion On Sabo’s Death

On account of the scenes following Morgans’ news, Several fans quickly accept that Sabo is the one who passed away in chapter 956. Most probably this is the result of going on @sandman_AP’s discussion.

 I am almost certain it made a big shake among the fans who love Ace-Sabo-Luffy brothers like partnership. As a number of theories are the result of quick reaction arise from the discussion. 

In part 905, our hero the second in command of the Revolutionary Army captured Mary Geoise. He was joined by three Revolutionary Commanders, Karasu, Morley and Lindbergh. Their motivation was to try to achieve Kuma and formally announce war against the world government. 

During hero’s invasion, he saw Kuma being used as a human truck conveying a Celestial Dragon. This makes him very angry as a result he started assault. He was stopped by Morley and was advised to hang tight for the correct minute. Although pissed off again, Sabo went along to stop from ruining their identity. 

Their central goal probably arrived at its peak during the Reverie. I question that they could superbly execute their central goal in secret. With Sabo being continually unlawful behavior. A few gatekeepers of Mary Geoise more likely to alarmed the marines coming about to a spark a major encounter.

Another Possibility Sabo As Hostage

With Morgans’ favours this news, we can accept that the contention was not made known to everybody in the Reverie. ‘Somebody’ most likely passed on during the contention however it is as yet misty what it’s identity was. Numerous fans accept that Sa bo was simply caught and not slaughtered. So the loss of character stays a secret. 

However, for what reason would the administration attempt to shroud that data? What might they receive in return? 

A few potential outcomes ring a bell. The spilled up spoilers additionally contained an exchange of Blackbeard in Pirate Island. He directions his group to head out. The heading shows statement:  “I’d rather take ‘that’ than let the marines take it”.

My Opinion on Sabo

I think there is a major chances that our hero is still alive. Particularly thinking about that while Sabo was attempting to get away from the city to rejoin his companions, Dragon showed up and conversed with him. 

After Sabo at last got away from the city and took a ship, the respectable sunk his ship, and you later observe Dragon coming back to his ship and when his Nakama asked him where he was, he said he was on that island. There must be an association there.

 I bet you anything on this that Dragon spared the hero just before the ship destroyed. Or on the other hand else for what reason would Dragon show such a great amount of enthusiasm for him, to simply have him bite the just after. 

You may be asking then for what valid reason didn’t Sabo show up on the ship with Dragon. Well I think Dragon either dropped Sabo off on another island with a pleasant family, or he had Sabo change his appearance and seek total isolation. Or then again even both. Something else that has been irritating me, is Law. 

I don’t know whether anybody concurs with me or not, however, doesn’t Law appear to have some sort of association with Luffy and Dragon? Particularly when Law haphazardly appeared in the fight to spare Ace and spared Luffy from dying. 

Some are asking, in the event that Sabo’s alive, at that point for what reason didn’t he attempt to spare Ace? Imagine a scenario in which, presently this is my hypothesis, consider the possibility that Law was Sabo. 

That would clarify why law made a fair attempt to spare Luffy, and chose to hang tight for Luffy to recoup before entering the new world. What’s more, Law likewise makes reference to Dragon’s name after he leaves Maidens Island. 

Presently, regardless of whether this hypothesis isn’t right, despite everything I trust Sabo’s as yet alive.

Final words

Thats all for today I hope you like the information and will share it with your friends and family members. What are your opinion on above matter is he dead or alive? Mention it below in the commnet box. Also if you are seeking for some information and not getting that mention that topic below. Our team will try their best to answer that in our upcoming blog.


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