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Our Team

Editors & Contributing Staff

Susanne Russ
Sr. Editor

Susanne has completed Arts in Journalism and holds Masters in Biotechnology & Health and cares about anything related to therapies, clinical research, drug development initiatives, and medical device innovations. She also cares about energy and environment, offering an incisive analysis of carbon credits, renewables such as solar and wind, and technologies that make these work. She further tries to assess their wide-ranging impact that these might have across regions. She always strives to offer fresh insight into government funding, business models empowering patients and care givers, and research related to novel therapies. To this end, she keeps a track of emerging investment on renewables, industry efforts identifying imminent investment pockets, and various forms of governmental intervention. She is a prolific writer who has also been an editor for more than 5 years, honing her editorial skills in some of the renowned national and global media houses.


John Whaley

Holding a Bachelor in Electronics & Communication and a Masters in Information Technologies, he is passionate about writing about technologies covering Networking and Communication, Telecommunications Systems, Data communication, and Networking devices. He has been offering unbiased reviews on research and development activities related to Network Security and Internet of Things in Communication Technologies. He also likes to simplify arcane topics such as Quantum Internet & Industrial Communication and through his writings seeks to lay bare niche applications areas to the readers. In many of his contributions, he has simplified the labyrinths of technologies for the not so techno-savvy audiences.


Helen Cody
Author & Contributor

Having completed Bachelor in Economics and then Masters in Finance, she has over 6 years of experience exploring a wide variety of topics broadly covering securities markets, socio-economic policies, financial technology, and investing. Being a seasoned financial writer, she keeps a close tab on the pace of technology and the inroads it has made into every aspect of the economy and people’s lives. In her writings, she analyses investment strategies of companies and offers a dispassionate view of government policies and industry regulations. She never fails to enlighten his audience by offering insights into the psychology of traders and markets. She has a recurring interest in alternative currencies, bitcoin, and its sisters, and she keeps a close watch on events related to crowdfunding and geopolitics, both at the micro and macro levels.